6 Easy Ways to Grow your Email List

A row of mailboxes

So you know that growing an email list is important—but you don’t know how to ask people to sign up. Asking for a stranger’s email address on the internet can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Good news: You can install tools that automatically collect email addresses on your behalf. Pick one or two of the methods below and stick with them for a few months. If you’re not excited by the results, you can always tweak your email opt-ins or try a different method.


You have probably seen several different types of email pop-ups before. These range from full screen overlays to smaller boxes on the side or bottom of a site which allow you to enter your name and email address to subscribe. Pop-ups are the most effective email list building tactic because they require visitors to take an action. We love the PopupAlly plugin to easily create elegant pop-ups.

Inline, footer or sidebar email opt-ins

These email opt-ins look similar to popups, but you put them in your footer, in the sidebar of your blog, or within the content on a page (called “inline”). We recommend choosing no more than two on a page so they don’t overwhelm your visitors.

Content upgrades

If you have a blog on your site, you can embed specific freebies that relate to the post or other content on your website. For example, if you write a post about email marketing tactics, you can embed a sign-up link to a free eBook about email newsletter providers. Visitors will be hooked on the blog post and enter their email to “upgrade their content,” i.e. read more about the subject.

Members-only content

Create a secret page on your website that houses repurposed content your customers would find valuable—like podcast archives, eBooks, pdfs, video interviews with you, or anything else you’ve created. Gift the link to this “members-only” page in exchange for a website visitor’s email address.

Hello Bar

This is such a simple, yet effective way to grow your list! Add a thin banner to the top of your site with a value offer and a link. This link can drive them to a sales page, free content with a content upgrade, or anywhere else on your site that may lead them to opt-in. The most direct way to use a Hello Bar to grow your list is to have it trigger a popup or overlay with your email newsletter opt-in when clicked.

Landing page

Set up a page on your site which just includes one call to action—to sign up for your email list. This link can then be added to your social media profiles, guest blog post on other sites, or anywhere you might have a first time visitor click through to your site. The first thing they will see on your site is your valuable offer, and many will sign up there before heading in to the rest of your site.

Need help installing these tools or setting up your website to grow your email list? Contact us.