having a team


Let’s face it: there’s nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t work – and even worse when a website doesn’t work for you. That’s why our extended team at Interstellar Support is there to provide ongoing maintenance and support needs for your site.

There are three ways you can work with Interstellar Support:


as needed

This is as straightforward as it sounds: when you need help, we’ll be there. Our tech support team is available Monday through Friday during standard business hours to provide guidance and support. Some requests do take longer than others and may need to be scheduled, so please make sure you reach out before it becomes an immediate need; that will allow us to ensure you’re not only getting it done but that you’re getting it done right.

$50/hour for VA services
$95/hour for tech support services


regular maintenance

Our monthly maintenance package includes all you need to ensure your website is working well, from WordPress and plugin updates to uptime monitoring and regular security and malware scans.

If you need any other support for your website or business, Interstellar Support is available to assist you at hourly rates. Having the right team monitoring your website makes a difference.

$85/month for non-members



If you’re actively growing your business and making changes to your website on a regular basis, we suggest you consider one of the support packages at Interstellar Support.

Interstellar has several options for packages focusing on your website, your newsletter or contact management system, and more. Schedule a call with the Interstellar team to discuss what would be best for you.