The Best Logo Solutions When You’re Just Getting Started

Every new business needs a logo. Your business logo will be one of the first ways you make an impression on your potential clients. You want it to be done well, but if you’re just getting started, hiring a graphic designer for the full branding experience might not be in your budget.

While investing in a great logo and brand foundation can be worth the investment, in the early days of your business it’s more important to have a clean loog than a comprehensive branding foundation. There are some great affordable options that can give you a logo that you are happy with and will not drain the company’s budget.

Here are our top 4 websites for great, simple logos:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr gives you access to all types of freelancers around the world. It’s a great place for a quick project, like finding someone who can create a logo. The freelancers place their own rates so the range of affordability is large. The most important thing to remember about being successful in a space like Fiverr is to be clear about what you want. Prepare in advance with information about logos, colors, and fonts you like. That will make working with a freelancer easy and affordable.

2. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered service that automatically designed a logo based on information you provide. You can try out creating a logo for free by visiting their website. It will then generate a selection of logos that can be customized to your brand. They have an affordable subscription-based pricing model you can purchase with monthly or yearly plans.

3. Brand Crowd

Brand Crowd is another automated Logo maker. They offer a free trial on their website that will create several different logos with icons for you to browse and select with the option to customize. There’s no graphic designer to help you with the selection process, so this is another process where it helps to be clear about what you like, since you’ll be selecting yourself. Their services go beyond logos, into other graphic design elements as well.

4. Creative Market

Sometimes, the best logo is really just a great font. Creative Market allows you to flex your creative muscle a little bit and can be a great help in creating a logo. It offers thousands of unique fonts to help you create an original and clean logo. They also have logo templates and graphics you can utilize to really customize and create a logo that reflects your brand. The templates are sold in kits and have a fixed price that is very affordable and usually comes with a variety of sets to choose from.


Each option on the list is unique in its process but offers a friendly price range. There’s a time to really invest in your brand, but when you’re just getting started, having a simple great logo will really go a long way to establish your credibility as a business.