What You Need to Know About Monthly Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes we see entrepreneurs and business owners make after building their site is ignoring it. Not only are they not adding new content regularly, but they’re not regularly checking their site for maintenance. Your site is like your car or an appliance in your home: you …

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The Why, Where, What and How of Content Batching

We’ve all done it — sat looking at our business social media apps or WordPress blog with no idea where to start or what to share. Here, we’re sharing the why, where, what and how of content batching for days, weeks or even months in advance.   The Why. Content …

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Basics of Website Photos

Whether you’ve decided to book a brand photoshoot with a professional photographer or you are compiling beautiful stock images, your site content is one of the key ways you stand out on the internet, so having the right photos is essential. Here, we’ll share some key tips, recommendations, and practices …

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