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Gina Gomez

“Once I started my relationship with North Star Sites, it hasn’t been like any other business relationship I’ve ever had. I felt extremely cared for from the very beginning, from that very first consultation call and them really asking me “hey but let’s get to know you, who are you, what are your values, what are your intentions” and so from there I have felt cared for, I have felt a sense of clarity.”

Britt Hawthorne

“The biggest benefit is really knowing that I have a quality website that represents me and my business. But not only did I get a website, I got a lot of clarity in my business direction — I can’t recommend North Star Sites highly enough.”

Ed Barron

“North Star Sites is an incredibly high integrity company with a lot of care for their people and the impact they’re making. To have someone hand you such a beautiful site that so clearly illustrates what you give to the world is very affirming and feels like a celebration. You can feel really confident that the money that you spend with North Star Sites is money that’s getting channeled back into making people’s lives better. “

Elizabeth Derby

“North Star Sites not only created this amazing website for me, but they taught me how to use it and how to update things, all the back way to do things and then also on the front end how to things. The product that they created is incredible, and the fact that they taught me how to use it myself, I feel so much more confident.”

Andrea Stordahl