What You Need to Know About Monthly Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes we see entrepreneurs and business owners make after building their site is ignoring it. Not only are they not adding new content regularly, but they’re not regularly checking their site for maintenance.

Your site is like your car or an appliance in your home: you use it and over time, the maintenance needs pile up. Can you imagine what would happen to your car if you never changed the oil?

Your WordPress site utilizes three core pieces that allow it to function well:

  1. The WordPress Content Management System, which requires occasional updates
  2. Your particular site theme, which also needs occasional updating
  3. Plugins, which need to be checked monthly

Out-of-date plugins and WordPress versions on your site can:

  • make your site vulnerable to hackers,
  • slow down load time speeds, which affects your Google rankings, OR
  • cause functional conflicts that can bring parts of your site — or even your entire site — down!

The video below will help familiarize you with what you need to do if you plan to update your website on your own. This is one of the many videos our North Star Sites clients can find in their video vault.

Monthly maintenance should be non-negotiable if you want your site to work for you.

And if trying to figure out how new plugin updates may affect your site feels like too much for you, please contact us to learn more about our maintenance packages.