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Rebecca Pollock

Rebecca Pollock Design

Rebecca works with clients who want to build a brand from the ground up. This means starting with a logo design, and then exploring how the design of a website can bring the brand vision to life. After the website launches, Rebecca helps her clients develop ebooks, downloadable pdfs, print collateral and social media graphics. She loves working with small business, individual entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

Paula Rizzo

Media Training

Paula helps authors and entrepreneurs with a message develop their media pitch, refine their media presence, and prepare to be in front of cameras and crowds. With a background as an Emmy Award winner and former senior television producer for nearly two decades, she’s able to take her experience to her clients to give them the secrets they need to be asked back for more media appearances. She also helps clients develop their onboarding video series and plan podcasts that will make an impact.

Toni Dolce

Purple Critter Media

If you need media production, Purple Critter Media can help. Toni Dolce and Andrew Bove specialize in working on multi-faceted projects involving video production, photography, and creative development. The team at Purple Critter Media are experts in producing video content, taking high-resolution photographs for web and print, recording audio and voiceover, and working with you to bring your creative vision to life.

Rachel Dunham

Brand Therapy

We believe that women entrepreneurs are changing the world through their stories, their passions, their bravery, and through their brands. At Brand Therapy, we are dedicated to supporting these change-agents by providing them the [visual] confidence to communicate their message in a bigger, more beautiful way. We are brand creators and self-confidence boosters. We believe that by revealing your unique style in your brand, you can connect with others on a deeper and more emotional level. And we are passionate about helping you build your self-confidence and self-love through visual expression.

Amber Seagraves


A creative director, brand strategist and visionary thinker with expert experience designing at iconic companies such as J.Crew, Ralph Lauren and Guess Jeans. Amber Seagraves, is a designer with a consistent brand and heritage aesthetic that also remains modern and current. Amber Seagraves + Co is a Los Angeles based studio focused on elevated and cohesive design.  We provide all phases of branding, website design and digital marketing with a holistic approach to re-imagine and design brands so they can shine even brighter.

Melissa Perkins

Sweet Daddy Designs

Melissa works with brands that are looking to push the envelope. She creates smart design and branding solutions that are both authentic and innovative. Sweet Daddy Designs is a full-service creative branding and design studio that specializes in developing modern brands through bold design and innovative strategy. We value collaboration and creativity, encourage the curious and stand with the rebellious, and are not afraid to color outside the lines.

Jacqueline Romano


Jacqueline Romano is a documentary filmmaker and video producer. She creates inspiring documentaries and video content for entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations so that the right investors, customers, or clients can connect with their cause. Origin story videos and mini-documentaries are her specialty. Jacqueline’s work has helped inspire policy change, business partnerships, investments and has acted as a tool to raise thousands of dollars in donations. She believes that this is rooted in the careful thought and strategy she puts into building each story to create heart-centered connection and thought-provoking impact.

Emily Chen


Emily Chen is a designer & creative director passionate about supporting creative, food and purpose-driven brands. Emily has collaborated with empowering, design-driven brands like Ellevest, Girls Who Code, Summit Series, The Riddler Champagne Bar, Gem&Bolt Mezcal, Charity:Water, Future of Women, and Kaur.Space. Prior to starting her creative studio, Emily worked in Marketing & Operations at high-growth start-ups Squarespace and Her strengths lie in creating beautiful, strategic designs that stem from a well-researched and intuitive knowledge of each organization’s market opportunity, unique differentiators, and creative vision.

Kathleen Shannon

Braid Creative

Braid Creative does branding and business visioning for creative entrepreneurs. It starts with a deep dive into where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going and ends with a brand identity, positioning, and copy that helps you attract your dream customer.

Meg Clarke

Clapping Dog Media

Meg helps creative entrepreneurs be found by search engines. SEO is the art of influencing natural search results, and you need a competitive edge if you want people to find your website, business, products, or blog. As a former designer, Meg hates to see a gorgeous site not get noticed by google.

Kendra Sand

House of Sand

Kendra Sand is a writer, editor, and content strategist. She has ten years of experience in content strategy, editing, writing, and digital marketing strategies. Kendra has worked with media companies and non-governmental organizations in building large content platforms. She currently works with independent authors and entrepreneurs. Kendra has an MA in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute at Monterey and a former career as an environmental analyst. She loves learning and takes classes regularly at Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop in Denver, Colorado. She loves to guide authors, content edit manuscripts, and help entrepreneurs design and build robust content platforms. Kendra thrives on creativity and loves ideating, from book ideas to digital income streams.

Kris Plachy

Kris Plachy Coaching

Kris’ work centers around her vision ‘to prove the power of one thriving woman’. Through her 25+ years of leading and managing and now 8+ years leading her own business, Kris has culminated her work into practices applied by leaders all over the world. Her premier program, How to CEO, is an unparalleled experience designed to bolster female entrepreneurs with ‘everything you didn’t know you needed to know’ about managing and leading others to achieve results.

Kris coaches the female entrepreneurs that are literally shaping and changing the world. She is recognized as the one to turn to when you need a sage partner-advisor mind. Together with her team, Kris combines business acumen, exceptional coaching skill, and sound, relevant and immediately applicable practices that literally change how much women both lead and love their businesses.

Brooke Goren

Brooke Goren Design Studio

Brooke Goren has been leading her design studio since 2017. Having worked in corporate design for many years, she has since found her niche working with brands and influencers, helping them monetize their blogs and Instagram followings, as well as creating visual identity and packaging for an array of creators and entrepreneurs.

Alongside Brooke works a team of talented designers that are able to generate graphic designs that connect and generate income via a vast visual medium such as newsletters, Instagram stories, blog collages, and more. Collectively, our team has a wide range of talents from illustration to web design, allowing us the ability to bring your visions to life.

Laura Gatsos Young

Laura Gatsos Young

Laura is a sales copywriter and marketing strategist. Her work is guided by research, data, creativity and a strategic plan. She has worked with entrepreneurs and corporate brands to sell their offers and communicate their value for over 18 years.

When you hire her, you benefit from her marketing and sales experience working with the the best marketing minds in the game (Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors), and online business owners. As an experienced copywriter who works with industry leaders, she’s not only here to help with the words that sell, she is committed to help you write your legacy.

Marisa Corcoran


Limelight is Marisa’s group experience to create and execute your signature summit to grow your community, connections, and cash. It’s PERFECT for a successful business owner who isn’t seeing the ROI with paid ads as much as they used to, and/or relies on affiliate marketing to fill their programs. If your lead generation feels more like a trickle and you need more of a Niagara Falls sitch, it’s time to create your own stage to turbocharge your audience growth.

Tom O’Brien

Tom O'Brien

As a coach, Tom uses theatrical techniques to help entrepreneurs develop unshakeable confidence to show up connected and authentically on camera and stages. An award-winning theatre director who trained at the National Theatre London, Tom has worked as a director and acting coach all over the world, including for Cameron Mackintosh in the West End, directing his own work in London, Europe, and Off-Broadway. He has collaborated with some of the world’s leading creatives on projects in a career spanning 16 years. Tom now works with clients all over the world creating a safe and liberating environment where his clients can dig deep, make mistakes, get playful, and achieve breakthroughs to achieve success in their careers.