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Kelly Ruta

FierceChick Coaching

Kelly teaches female entrepreneurs how to take back their personal power and become true LEADERS of businesses (and lives) they are in love with by learning to MASTER THEIR MINDSET. Want more confidence, courage and INCOME?  It all starts with your mindset.  The world is FULL of women playing small.  It’s time for you to rise and shine.

Elizabeth Derby

Elizabeth Hope Derby

Elizabeth is an award-winning writer and communication expert for coaches and creative entrepreneurs. She helps soulful hustlers get clear on their messages, define their hero stories, and write authentic copy and content. Because owning your truth is your secret weapon for standing out, stealing hearts, and building an epic personal brand.

Carrie Coleman

Carrie Coleman Photography

As a wedding photographer, Carrie’s goal is to capture the visual expression of a couple’s love through timeless, organic images. Carrie photographs couples in a natural and authentic way that results in images that are true to the essence of their relationship and that will stand the test of time becoming the photos their children and grandchildren will admire years from now.

Michelle Neclerio Knox

Lone Red Design

As a graphic designer and visual brand stylist, Michelle works one-on-one with service-based entrepreneurs and business owners that are ready to create a more professional and consistent look for their brand. Partnering with her clients, she guides them through the process of honing in on the personality of their brand so that the image they’re projecting matches who they are and who they want to serve.

Rebecca Pollock

Rebecca Pollock Design

Rebecca works with clients who want to build a brand from the ground up. This means starting with a logo design, and then exploring how the design of a website can bring the brand vision to life. After the website launches, Rebecca helps her clients develop ebooks, downloadable pdfs, print collateral and social media graphics. She loves working with small business, individual entrepreneurs and creative thinkers.

Zsofi Koller

Lilt Creative

Zsofi works closely with visionary business owners to create beautiful, custom-designed brands and sites that highlight what is special about their work.

Haruka Sakaguchi

The Denizen Co.

The Denizen Co. is a boutique design studio that specializes in brand identity, print/web design, and art direction. Launched in 2013 by Haruka Sakaguchi, The Denizen Co.’s primary mission is to work with creative entrepreneurs to develop and realize a cohesive visual identity.

Rachel Pesso

Rachel Pesso

Rachel helps people share their vision and make an impact through branding, website design, and user experience. Her speciality is live collaboration, so you can see your idea start to talk form while you’re on a call with her. She loves working on design projects that move people & inspire change in this world. Rachel is here to help people who are passionate about creating change, or bringing awareness to a cause, and it all starts with your brand.

Meg Clarke

Clapping Dog Media

Meg helps creative entrepreneurs be found by search engines. SEO is the art of influencing natural search results, and you need a competitive edge if you want people to find your website, business, products, or blog. As a former designer, Meg hates to see a gorgeous site not get noticed by google.

Mazzy Orban


If you’re looking for US-based professional virtual assistance with a focus on high-touch support and VIP Client Services, look no further. MazVirtual loves to work with entrepreneurs in small to mid-sized companies who are moving beyond startup into the next phase of their businesses. They create systems and processes for people who know where they’re going and provide expert support to get them there.

Mira Zaki

Mira Zaki Photography

Mira Zaki combines her photographic skills and intuitive and empathic abilities to help clients tell a story with their photographs. Her mission is to help heal and empower others through her camera, so they can share their beauty with the world and share the beauty of the world around us. Her degree in Commercial, Advertising Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography helped her to perfect her unique abilities as a photographer into an artist who brings expertise, professionalism, and her intuitive magic to all of her work.

Kristin Furjanic

Kristin Furjanic

Kristin is a content strategist with a background in content creation and copywriting. She values both technical and creative aspects of content, and understands the importance of reaching and engaging with the right audiences. She knows that original, quality, content is king. Kristin can help you provoke thought, start conversations, and tell your story.

Paula Rizzo

Media Training

Paula helps authors and entrepreneurs with a message develop their media pitch, refine their media presence, and prepare to be in front of cameras and crowds. With a background as an Emmy Award winner and former senior television producer for nearly two decades, she’s able to take her experience to her clients to give them the secrets they need to be asked back for more media appearances. She also helps clients develop their onboarding video series and plan podcasts that will make an impact.

Toni Dolce

Purple Critter Media

If you need media production, Purple Critter Media can help. Toni Dolce and Andrew Bove specialize in working on multi-faceted projects involving video production, photography, and creative development. The team at Purple Critter Media are experts in producing video content, taking high-resolution photographs for web and print, recording audio and voiceover, and working with you to bring your creative vision to life.

Rachel Dunham

Brand Therapy

We believe that women entrepreneurs are changing the world through their stories, their passions, their bravery, and through their brands. At Brand Therapy, we are dedicated to supporting these change-agents by providing them the [visual] confidence to communicate their message in a bigger, more beautiful way. We are brand creators and self-confidence boosters. We believe that by revealing your unique style in your brand, you can connect with others on a deeper and more emotional level. And we are passionate about helping you build your self-confidence and self-love through visual expression.

Amber Seagraves


A creative director, brand strategist and visionary thinker with expert experience designing at iconic companies such as J.Crew, Ralph Lauren and Guess Jeans. Amber Seagraves, is a designer with a consistent brand and heritage aesthetic that also remains modern and current. Amber Seagraves + Co is a Los Angeles based studio focused on elevated and cohesive design.  We provide all phases of branding, website design and digital marketing with a holistic approach to re-imagine and design brands so they can shine even brighter.

Renee Vernon

Awaken by Renee

Renée Vernon is a professional photographer who, with her “Awaken” process, captures her client’s best images. Certified in the Martha Beck Life coaching program, Renée takes her clients through a journey of self-discovery, culminating in photos that convey their purpose and passion for what they do. A visual storyteller with over 20 years of experience in the commercial and private arenas, Renee delights in helping her clients visually represent themselves to the world with soulful authentic images. Renée holds a degree in Commercial Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography.

Kari Olson

Kari Olson Co.

We all know you have a good eye, but it takes more than that to design a website that converts- that’s where Kari come in. Kari helps female entrepreneurs create intentionally designed websites – so you wake up each day to more sales, subscribers and freedom!

Matthew Goldfarb

Copywriter and Messaging Expert

Matthew Goldfarb has over 18 years experience creating copy and content for companies big and small. He spent 10 years working for big agencies on clients such as Volvo, Subaru, 1-800-Collect and even (yes) Viagra. He also spent six years as the creative director of his own small agency, Corporate Renegade, where he worked with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and Inc. 500 businesses. He has developed an expertise at the selling of creative concepts that get results and keep clients excited and engaged. His work focuses on developing creative that delivers on strategy yet can be innovative to cut through the noise.

Marisa Corcoran

The Copy Confidence Society

The Copy Confidence Society helps service-based coaches and creatives discover what to say and how to say it to magnetically attract their dream clients to fill their 1:1 or small group program and become the ultimate leading lady in their business.

Melissa Perkins

Sweet Daddy Designs

Melissa works with brands that are looking to push the envelope. She creates smart design and branding solutions that are both authentic and innovative. Sweet Daddy Designs is a full-service creative branding and design studio that specializes in developing modern brands through bold design and innovative strategy. We value collaboration and creativity, encourage the curious and stand with the rebellious, and are not afraid to color outside the lines.

Verô Souza

Verô Souza

Verô is a purposeful brand designer who helps health and wellness brands make an even bigger impact through intentional visual branding and design.

Ana Zagalo

Zagalo Creative Studio

Ana Zagalo is a graphic designer based in Lisbon who has merged together two of her biggest passions in her creative studio: design and entrepreneurship. She has a background in graphic design, project and communication management.

The Zagalo Creative Studio specializes in developing branding and communication solutions to help entrepreneurs feel confident about their brands, making sure that they not only look amazing but speak to their needs.

Ana believes that designing a brand is like writing the first chapter of a story. It’s the introduction / first impression that your business will create, and it needs to be extremely captivating. A great brand design will make your clients want to “read the second chapter” of your business, and that’s what she strives for.

Shelby Lowson

Shelby Lowson

Shelby is a graphic designer based out of Austin, Texas where she resides with her husband and puppy dog. She is passionate about seeing great design with amazing user experience, if a website doesn’t drive results, what’s the point? She loves working with passionate business owners with a drive to see their companies not only succeed but make a difference.

Tana Murray

River Running Creative

Tana is a graphic designer from Montana with a passion for playful and bright legible hand lettering and illustration. With the creation of custom lettering you are able to engage your clientele and create a new and exciting experience for them!

With a background in both design and business, Tana is able to understand both sides of the creative project by helping clients achieve success via brand recognition by creating a unique and developed branding package. So make a personal connection using bright, fun and legible custom lettering for your next project!

Elise Egbert

Elise Creates

Elise is a creative and innovative designer who specializes in branding and designs for bloggers, influencers, and small business owners. She’s been blogging and designing for over 10 years and has worked in social media marketing and designed for a wide variety of social platforms for the past six years. She has specific training in design for businesses and social media. Elise believes every brand and business owner deserves to feel confident in their brand and their content.

Nina Deuterio

Nina Deuterio

Nina Deuterio is a seasoned graphic designer who takes pride in her ability to intertwine the fundamentals of human-centered design with effective marketing strategies to inspire connections and drive results. With a BFA in Graphic Design, she has worked with many clients with layout design, branding, and marketing material design in industries ranging from fashion, retail, marketing, B2B, and more. Nina strongly believes in keeping her clients informed and educated about the reasons why design decisions were made and strives to work hand-in-hand to develop final pieces that her clients are confident in to represent their brand.

Stephanie Corrigan

Stephanie Corrigan

Steph designs strategic brand identities and websites for up-and-coming small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her approach to design is thoughtful and personalized–she is committed to understanding her clients’ goals, values, and target audience, before diving into the design process. Steph is drawn to brands that are heart-centered and mission driven, and has worked in a variety of industries including law, finance, real estate, coaching, technology, e-commerce, and more.