No One Wants Your Business Swag (Unless You Make It Really Good)

As a business owner, you know that branded merchandise is an essential part of marketing your business.

But here’s the honest truth: no one wants to receive products with your business’ logo on them. (Even if you have a really cool logo.)

They don’t want to promote your business. They want things that inspire them, that remind them who they are and who they can be.

That’s why we love our friends at Go To Market. They create beautiful, sustainable branded merchandise that people actually want to keep. Their print-on-demand service works for businesses, creating products and swag that customers and clients want to show off.

How Branded Merchandise Works (When It’s Good)

Go To Market’s mission is to make meaningful merch for entrepreneurs and businesses. The items they produce are fashion-forward, thoughtfully designed, and authentic to each brand.

They make swag people want to keep, so items don’t end up in the trash or in a dusty corner of someone’s closet.

And when people are inspired by your gifts or merchandise, they’ll use it — or wear it — and most importantly, they’ll share it.

So instead of your logo, find an inspirational message or art to put on your swag. Make that the focus and add your logo in a smaller but still obvious place to remind people where the inspiration came from.

Buying Branded Merchandise (Without Losing Your Garage Space)

The process at Go To Market is simple. Start with a conversation about your needs and develop custom designs based on your brand identity and goals. From there, they create an exclusive online shop where customers can purchase (or select) items with your branding on them (like t-shirts or coffee mugs). Their shops are exclusively print-on-demand, which means no inventory that you have to manage yourself, no orders that you have to ship from your garage, and no boxes taking up space in your home. And because everything is digital, you never have to worry about running out of stock.

When done right, branded merchandise should be kept for years — and used and loved! Get tailor-designed products unique to your business, ones that inspire clients, rather than sending another generic gift or stocking lackluster merchandise.